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Who Is Behind The Creative Art Work of Wingsdomain Art and Photography

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Who Is Behind The Creative Art Work of Wingsdomain Art and Photography

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Wingsdomain Art and Photography has been creating original art and photography for as long as anyone can remember. Countless people have bought his amazing work which can already be seen worldwide in seven continents. People from all walks of life are captivated by his artistry, from art collectors to the common man/woman on the streets of Brooklyn, to 5 star restaurant owners, hotel operators, and other institutions, to house wives and husbands looking to revitalize their castles known to most as their humble abode, to respected gallery owners, and to the rich and famous of Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York City, Paris, London, and Monte Carlos. His unique creative style is captivating and diverse. He never stops seeing the world as art and fortunately for all of humanity he is able to capture that art world and present it to all to marvel at.


“His art work is wonderous, I know it sounds trite, but putting up a few of his amazing art work on my wall was possibly the best feeling I’ve ever had, it was like a religious experience!” -anonymous


“His art and photography is trenscending!” -artcollector2020


“Creativity and originality like this comes along only once in a lifetime!” -rollinstonesmagazine168


And so the single most profound and elusive question of our generation has got to be, “Who Is This Genius of Art and Photography of Our Times?!” There has been very little written about Wingsdomain and yet his art and photography has captured the imagination of people from around the world. There are no known photograph of him, neither as a child nor as an adult, and yet it seems the art world can’t get enough of his priceless art like a fine case of wine, and unlike a car, they are sure to increase in value the moment it leaves the lot! The only visual images we have ever seen of this world renowned artist and photographer is his undeniable iconic symbols, perfectly symbolic of his socially conscious humble stamp and environmentally sensitive minimal carbon footstep seen throughout the world wide web, protecting wildlife for future generations.


Wingsdomain Art Wingsdomain Art and Photography, Latest Works.  Creative and Unique Museum Quality Fine Art and Photography Prints For The Home, Office, and Hospitality Resort Hotels Wingsdomain Art and Photography, Latest Works.  Creative and Unique Museum Quality Fine Art and Photography Prints For The Home, Office, and Hospitality Resort Hotels


Arguably the most interesting artist and photographer the world has never known! He is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle trapped in cyberspace, embraced by the cloud, trending through mass social media, and going viral crossing all generation divides in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houss, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, WordPress Blogs, Blogspot, and even single handedly waking up AOL, Myspace, and Classmates from the dead! And yet all we know about this most famous of the famed is that he is without a doubt devoted to his unique vision of art and photography, his body of work when placed side by side can stretch all seven continents 100 times, his diverse artistic subjects have attracted crowds in the far reaches of the world, his creativity is boundless, and his followers are growing every moment of every day of every month of every year! If you don’t own one of his immaculate works of art already, you are destined to own one today! Some has called his art work an out of body experience, others thought they saw Jesus in a number of his art works, and still others have described his work as changing their lives forever for the better. He has been known to have rescued a bed ridden senior citizen from a towering infernal by carrying her down 100 flights of stairs, and when asked about his heroism, he was quoted as saying, “senior citizens are the real heroes of this country!” As a philanthropist, he has been known to give billions to numerous charities from all around the world, and one of his favorite hobbies is donning a disguise and scouring big major cities to fight crime. There has been unconfirmed accounts of people winning the Super Lottery the very day they bought one of his works. An anonymous member of Germany’s world cup sports world reportedly said that they had no confidence, no chance of beating Argentina, so they sought divine help by going online and buying up as many art and photography prints from Wingsdomain as their team could muster up, and the rest has quickly become international folklore, scandal, and history! There has been reliable stories of his early years trained as a Navy Seal and having played a crucial part in capturing the International number one enemy at the time, Saddam Hussein, though all records of his bravery has been scraped from history books undoubtedly due to his role in this toppest of top secret mission operative, not even The President of the United States knew about him! And from the far reaches of third world countries, there are folk songs sung in the glow of moon light nights and the harvest fields of life giving crops, in areas that were once stricken by famine and ravished by disease, the same families today sing folk songs about how the “One” who called himself “W” that came from the West to feed the starving and cared for the weak, and how all their misfortunes suddenly turned around that one miraculous Winter day. This presumably was the ever humble humanitarian known only as Wingsdomain. The National Security Agency (NSA) has been tracking Wingsdomain Art and Photography even before the Edward Snowden story broke, but the NSA is no match, a mere child’s play for the ever elusive Wingsdomain. Even Google has been known to spend millions sending out search BOTs to Wingsdomain Art and Photography’s website in numerous feeble attempts to collect trade secrets and in turn show them to the larger public in hopes of finally capturing and exposing the genius and undeniable artistry behind Wingsdomain Art and Photography, but Wingsdomain’s self taught genius level programming skills in C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, and JavaScript, and his award winning world renown 3,000 page encrypted firewall codes are impenetrable. We all know there is no known guarantee in life, but Wingsdomain Art and Photography sure comes pretty close!


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And now, for the first time in the long illustrious storybook history of this enigma simply known as Wingsdomain, the art world’s man amongst boys, a household name without a face, the one impossible feat that all experts including scientists and the CSI have concluded to be more unimaginably difficult than getting a useable picture of Big Foot, the Lochness Monster, or sighting of an UFO, the one most coveted photograph by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, paparazzis of the rich and famous, and everyday snapshot soccer moms the world over, this Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Jr all wrapped into one, this Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Monet of our times, this JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington of the art world; in baseball he would be considered a grand slam, in football a winning touchdown, and in basketball a slam dunk – a never before seen picture of this notorious godzilla of the art world has been discovered in the high rigorous Mountains of the Himalayas buried in 96 inches of freezing snow in the harshest of conditions, this one and only phenomenally priceless picture is finally upon our mortal eyes. A snapshot taken of his second favorite obsessive passion just behind his first favorite obsessive passion of working on his art and photography, and that is fighting crime behind a simple commoner’s plastic shopping bag disguising his true identity as the one known throughout the art world simply as Wingsdomain. Pure genius at work! The authenticity of the picture has been confirmed in extensive lab tests and has gone through numerous carbon 14 dating, along with visual confirmations by all that has been blessed by his presence and enlighten by his art work.


We did all the hard work to uncover this picture sought after by loyal fans throughout the world, and now all you have to do is Pick HERE to see the real Wingsdomain Art and Photography!



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For $4.3 million you can get a Gursky. For $43 million you can get a Lichtenstein. And for just a tad under $120 million, you can get a Munch. Luckily for everyone else, there is Wingsdomain Art and Photography!

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